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Shay Fox video – With Nikita Von James

Last updated: November 21st 2016
Another fresh week, and as usual, time for you guys to lay your eyes one one more superb content update. Again we have a superb Shay Fox video to show off to you and as always it’s simply superb. Remember the guy that she had over last time? Well she thought he was a pretty good fuck and today she got over one of her female buddies. Suffice to say that lovely miss Fox was intending to fuck the handy man once more and this time she would have some extra help as you will see.

The guy thought that he would get to bang this hot chick one more time but he was in for a surprise when miss Fox introduced her female friend. Well he was still happy. He knew what eh was called here to do and he intended to finish the job quickly. So without further due, watch as Fox and Nikita share the lucky dude’s big cock for this whole afternoon. And you also get to see Fox get her cunt pounded once more in this update. Take a look at miss Fox’s past updates as well everyone, as you wont be disappointed! Check out blog and enjoy watching another horny beauty sucking big cocks!

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Shay fucks the handyman

Hi there one more time guys and gals. Some more Shay Fox videos are here for you and you will absolutely love these ones. For her scene this time, miss Fox plays a naughty little divorced house wife that likes to get it on with random lucky dudes every now and then. And since today she was very horny, she got a handy man to drop by and fix some stuff. Well in reality, this naughty MILF needed her pussy fixed as she desperately wanted her dose of cock no matter what.

As the guy drops by and enters her apartment, the naughty lady is starting to put her plan into action. And rest assured that the guy figured out pretty quick that this woman was looking to fuck. And when he starts to touch her, she knows times are going to be good for her this afternoon. Watch her sucking his cock to get him all nice and hard for her sweet pussy, and then see her getting fucked balls deep from behind by this lucky dude today. See you next week with more of her. And if you liked her maybe you want to take a look at other hot Milfs like her so check out website and enjoy watching other hot moms fucking and sucking big dicks.

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Shay Fox lesbian love

As another fresh week swings by, the busty and sizzling hot MILF has some more fresh scenes to show off to everyone. Again she has a Shay Fox lesbian scene for you to enjoy and she’s sure that you will. You see for this one, hot Milf decided that she wanted some more pussy, and to get it she wandered in a classy club. Lucky for her she found herself a sexy mature chick just like her and the two women found out they have quite allot in common. That ranging from their naughty behavior to their shared passion for cock and pussy as well. So you know that if these two head back home together magic is going to happen.

And sure enough it did, as the ladies were very much in the mood to spend a nice and superb evening having some sweet lesbian sex in front of the cameras and you guys. Sit back and watch as they take off one another’s sexy outfits to reveal their incredible curves and sexy lingerie. And that flies off as well, since the two MILF’s want to have as much fun with their pussies as possible for tonight. And so sit back and watch the sexy and hot miss Fox as she eats her new buddy’s pussy to her pleasure. And then watch her getting repaid in kind as she’s getting her very own oral pleasure session from her. As usual we hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you next week with more!


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Hot Shay Fox blowjob scene

For this update our lovely and sexy brunette MILF with short hair comes back once more. And this time she’s very intent on showing off her superb blowjob skills in a Shay Fox blowjob scene as she goes down on a big and black cock for your enjoyment today. The guy with the sizable cock was a last minute addition as this beauty decided that if she’s to show off her cock sucking expertise she needs a big and rock hard dick to do so, so as you can guess that was the best option. Well for her at least, so let’s sit back and watch her!


When the cameras start to roll, this beauty does take the time to do her usual teasing before hand. She knows that she looks amazing and she wants to make sure that you always know about it. So after she’s done being the cock tease that she usually is, the guy makes his entry as well, and this lady goes straight to taking his pants off and revealing his big cock. Watch her suck and slurp on that big dick, and watch her deep throat it as well for your viewing pleasure everyone. As for us, we’ll we’re taking our leave but we’ll see you next time! If you liked this scene check out oldspunkers website and watch other slutty milfs sucking big cocks!

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Hardcore gangbang party

Well it’s a brand new week and we have here a nice a nice and hot update to show off to you all. Again you get to see some fresh and hot Shay Fox porn with your favorite MILF, but this time it’s a bit more special. For today the super sexy woman wanted to have a nice and big orgy with lots of guys and other women, and the guys would have to please their eager cunts for this afternoon. And so this lovely mature woman arranged for a nice party with only her fuck buddies to attend.

As you can see, miss Fox was rather successful and with her they were four ladies all eager and ready to take the cocks of the four other guys that were present. The women all undressed and laid on their backs on the floor as the guys got to work on their cunts licking and rubbing them as the sexy women were moaning in pleasure. So don’t wait any longer and just sit back and enjoy all these beautiful women taking a nice and deep fucking today from all the guys that were present there. Shay will be back next week! For similar galleries check out blog and enjoy watching another beauty in hardcore gangbang videos.


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Shay Fox massage room fuck

Another fresh week and time for one more fresh update. As you know, this lovely lady has a passion for doing all sorts of stuff to bring some freshness in her sexual encounters. Well for today’s update you get to see a nice and hot Shay Fox massage scene with your favorite short haired porn star as she gives a dude a nice massage, and of course a very very happy end and the end of it all. Well one thing is for sure, and that is that this sexy brunette always knows how to spice things up. So let’s sit back and relax watching her scene without further due today, as we’re pretty sure that you guys want to see her get to work as well.


Well, one thing that you should always remember about miss Fox, is that it depends on how turned on she is. Well she’s always turned on and looking to fuck. But it’s the levels of her horniness that matter. And today she was pretty horny. Well the guy didn’t know it but he was in for a nice ride with her this afternoon. Sit back and observe as the super sexy and hot MILF massages every inch of this guy’s body, taking extra care when she reaches his cock area. And then see the sexy miss Fox getting her pussy pounded by the dude and his big cock to her pleasure today. We hope you enjoyed her gallery for today and see you next week with some more!

shay-fucking-her-client shay-sucking-her-client

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Naughty office lesbians

For today’s amazing update, your resident busty and slutty mature woman returns. And she comes back with some more sexy and enticing scenes for you guys to see. As in the past we have these Shay Fox videos to show off to you for today and you’d do well not to waste a single second of them. You know that each and every minute of this busty and hot mature that she appears on screen is pure gold, and this update is no reason to break the norm. For this scene she takes the role of a sexy female boss, and she needs her little secretary to come inside her office and help her unwind a bit. So let’s watch what this slutty MILF had in mind!

As her sexy secretary comes in at Shay’s request, our mature woman makes it clear that she’s looking to have some sexual fun. And since there’s no cock available for either of them, she thought it was a good idea to have a nice girl on girl action session for this afternoon. Sit back and see as these two hot beauties take the time to kiss and caress one another as they also take off their clothes for your enjoyment. Watch as miss Fox spreads her sexy legs and takes her spot on her desk as her female friend starts to lick her horny pussy. We hope you’ll like this lesbian sex session that we bring you for the afternoon everyone. Bye and see you next week! Until then, don’t forget to visit blog and watch other hot lesbians licking each others pussies!


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Hotel room fuck

This fine week your favorite sexy and busty mature, has some more Shay Fox pics to show off this fine day. Again this lusty woman is joined by another lady as they both have fun with a dude and his cock for the whole afternoon. These two slutty matures who are looking perfect just like hot Persia Monir have taken a nice little trip for a weekend vacation, to unwind and relax, but you know miss Fox, and as well as all her female friends, are just too horny to not take the chance to get it on with some cock if they get the chance to have one any time.


As the scene starts you get to watch these two very lustful women as they get their hands on a guy and take him back to their hotel room to give him a thorough banging. Watch as the sexy and hot Shay Fox takes a nice and deep fucking from behind in this scene as she also licks the pussy of her female friend today. And you need to see each and every image of this nice update guys without fail. You will regret missing even one of these superb pictures so make sure that you watch them all!

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Shay Fox fucked with her friend

Hey there once more everyone, and welcome back to the site. Today miss Fox has some more goodies to show off as this hot adult star engages into some more hard style sex. Today however, this busty mature with short brunette hair is not alone as she is joined by a sexy blonde friend of hers. The two cougars intended to make a nice and refreshing little trip to the bar this fine evening as they intended to get their slutty little hands on some fresh cock for the  evening. So this fine day you get to see Shay Fox fucked along with her buddy.

The two women, as you might imagine, didn’t have too much trouble getting the attention of the guys as both of them were wearing some very slutty and sexy clothes. As they returned back home with the stud, both women went down on his pants and took them off as they started to work on his big and hard cock to get him ready for their pussies. Then take step back and watch the superb and sexy duo as both women take turns having their wet cunts penetrated by the lucky dude tonight. See you guys next week!


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Shay loves black cocks

Hey there guys, the super sexy and hot miss Fox is back today with even more of her sexy and hot content. And for this fine day this busty MILF comes bringing you some very hot and sexy Shay Fox videos for this update. This time the sexy and hot mature woman wants to prove that her wet and hungry pussy can fit anything inside, even a big and black cock. And since she heard that black dudes always pack some serious dicks, she thought that she might as well get a nice and rough fuck from one. Let’s see her show everyone!


When the cameras start rolling, this short haired brunette mature, is all over the dude. And you can watch her starting to suck this dude’s big dick with a passion as she deep throats his cock. Then watch her climbing on top of him in the bed as she inserts his big dick inside her. Watch this horny and sexy woman ride that cock fast and hard just for you today and enjoy the great content everyone. We will be back once more in the next weeks with some more of her superb shows. So be sure that you don’t miss them!

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